Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Summertime and the Living Is Hot!

Cicadas singing this morning: a sure sign of hot summer weather. The heat is pressing down outside, and I'm extremely glad we put in one of those split system air conditioners a few years ago. The air exchanger sits high on the wall at the top of the stairs and rains cool air downward. Must remember to shut the door to the basement, so the coolness doesn't all collect there, and the corners of the top floor bedrooms ar never as cool as the entrance on the first floor, but it has meant I can work throughout the summer. Probably not as enivronmentally friendly as no AC at all, but 1) electricity is generated by hydro power here, so the carbon footprint is less than elsewhere, 2) keeping cool in the city means we aren't tempted to go back and forth to the country which uses both gas and produces greenhouse gases, and 3) we try to use it responsibly. That is, we turn it off when we go to bed, and then in the night when the air outside has grown as cool as the house, we open some windows to change the atmosphere. As soon as the sun is on the front of the house we shut windows and curtains, and I don't cook except in the early morning, if I can avoid it.

And, damn, there days when I find my eco-consciousness fraying. This morning, for example, when it was hotter outside than in by 9 a.m. I am now sitting, wondering at what point I should shut all the windows and curtains.

Soon, soon, soon...


lagatta à montréal said...

I wanted to cook early this morning but slept in until 7:30 and had work to get done. Even my car Renzo didn't wake me up! I do at least have to grill an eggplant I bought at PA last week, but if not, pretty much just salad and fruit.

Very few of the triplexes around here have AC, so people live with all the doors and windows open. I'm very thankful for the big leafy Norway Maple just outside my office window and balcony - natural AC. I know we are not supposed to plant Norway Maples any more as they are a foreign, invasive species, but hope this one stays around for a while.

AJ said...

I've managed to fight off supporters of air conditioning (my family members) for yet another year. I noticed my sensible environmental arguments have less oomph when it's this hot and humid. However, the awning we installed on the second floor balcony really helps to keep things cool(er). Of course, that's offset by the intense sunlight that streams through the skylights all day. It can be daunting.