Friday, 27 August 2010

First Pictures of the Tiny, Perfect Baby: Jeanne Entertains at 12 Hours

These were taken last night at the hospital when Jeanne was about 12 hours old. Elin looks pleased and Jeanne looks a bit surprised by all the attention. Emmanuel was nearby, but busy telling everyone what a great experience it was.

Lee wanted to take a picture with the milk container to get some idea of how big she is. There will be more pix later, but just to let you know....


Martin Langeland said...


This is our daughter's Birthday -- 27 years flashed past -- her first picture was taken outside well wrapped with an enormous knitted cap almost as big as she. Her Grandfather commented that it was a fine likeness of his grand hat.
So Lee has a grand jug? Toby maybe?

Muzition said...

Jeanne is beautiful!


Martin Langeland said...

Elin is also beautiful -- no matter what she thinks of this particular picture.
All the very best of the best to all.

Mary Soderstrom said...

They went home on Sunday, and I refrained from calling yesterday to see how things were going in order to let them all get some sleep.

Thank you for your good wishes: I'll pass them on.