Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Write to NDP MPs Who Voted to Abolish the Long Gun Registry, Urging Them to Support It This Time

When the kids were little I spent a great deal of my time involved in community and political affairs. It seemed to me that I ought to do whatever I could to make their world a better place. The political activity has continued, but not with the same passion that it had in the 1980s when I also, it must be said, was not deeply involved in writing projects.

But now with little Jeanne in the picture, my concern burns brighter. I spent several hours last night writing letters to the 12 NDP MPs who voted last spring in favour of a private member's bill to abolish the long gun registry. As a long time NDP supporter, I'm shocked and extremely disappointed at the party's vacillation on this issue which will come to a vote shortly after the House of Commons resumes sitting in September. The system for registering firearms is the one good thing to come out of the horrendous massacre of 14 young women in December 1989 at the Université de Montréal's engineering school.

That night some reason Elin, who was 14, was already in bed when a neighbor called about 10 p.m.with the news that something dreadful had happened. As Lee tried to find more details on the radio and TV, I remember going in Elin's room and taking her in my arms and rocking her as if she were a baby, so glad she was safe at home.

Needless to say, I supported the gun registry from the beginning, and with a new generation arriving, I support it even more. If you would also like to register your support, here are the emails of the 12 NDP MPs:

Ms. Niki Ashton: Ashton.N@parl.gc.ca
Ms. Carol Hughes: Hughes.C@parl.gc.ca

Malcolm Allen: Allen.Ma@parl.gc.ca
Dennis Bevington: Bevington.D@parl.gc.ca
Nathan Cullen: Cullen.N@parl.gc.ca
Claude Gravelle: Gravelle.C@parl.gc.ca
Bruce Hyer: Hyer.B@parl.gc.ca
John Rafferty: Rafferty.J@parl.gc.ca
Peter Stoffer: Stoffer.P@parl.gc.ca
Charlie Angus: Angus.C@parl.gc.ca
Glenn Thibeault: Thibeault.G@parl.gc.ca
Jim Maloway: Maloway.J@parl.gc.ca


lagatta à montréal said...

I've been sending this round. I know people in Outremont who plan to vote Bloc this time; not all are indépendantistes - some simply prefer the Bloc's take on this and other social policies.

This all stems from a US-derived myth, that effete urbanites who don't understand the reality of life in rural and wilderness areas, wanting to take farmers' and other non-urbanites' guns away. That is nonsense. I'm as urban as they come, and don't know a single city-dweller who feels that way, not even the vegetarians.

I understand why they need trucks, cars and other private vehicles too, but they have to register those - as they are potentially hazardous. Why not firearms?

leftdog said...

I trust that you have also written to the 8 Liberal Members of Parliament who voted with the Conservatives to end the Registry as well?

By the way where were the Liberal Members of parliament when a vote on pay equity came around? Oh wait. I forgot, the Liberals killed pay equity for women by sitting out a budget vote. What about Child care plans which included a womens right to chose - oh wait, I forgot, Liberals Members of parliament broke with Iggy on that as well and killed it with the Cons.

The Liberals don't care about women - their voting patterns tell the tale. Your little shenanigan here is so lame ....

Mary Soderstrom said...

I'm not a Liberal and never have been, I've been NDP through thick (rare) and thin (far more frequent.) But I'm really angry this time. Let the Liberals who are upset get after their members. It's time for people who care about the NDP to put some pressure on Layton and the guys. (Intersting that of the 12 who voted with the Conservatives, 10 are male.)

leftdog said...

I repeat, again, my question to you ... have you also written to the 8 Liberal Members of Parliament who voted with the Conservatives to end the Registry? Where are their names and addresses? Your post still reeks of theatrics by going after New Democrat MP's only.

What about Conservative MP's? are you emailing them as well. In fairness to your efforts, I recognize that dealing with the Conservatives is like talking to a brick wall. However, don't paint the 12 New Dems as being evil incarnate on the issue. Be consistent.

Hilarie McMurray said...

Great idea and thank for doing this - FYI N Cullen is Nathan Cullen not Neil and Bruce Hyer and Dennis Bevington. Lets hope the Facebook post results in some changed votes

Mary Soderstrom said...

Thanks for pointing out my errors in the name. I also see that I spelled "president" wrong in my letter I wrote last night. Ah, such are the problems of working in a white heat...or some such.

And to answer Leftdog, I have no moral force with the Liberals, and besides Iggy is calling them to vote the line. I did write Guergis because she may mad enough to vote against the Cons, but who knows.