Wednesday, 25 August 2010

G-20 Protesters Have Their Day in Court and the Plan to Put Down Dissent Becomes More Visible

Jut a few words on a busy day to note that all the criticisms of over-reaction by security officials during the G-20 meetings in Toronto last June appear to be warranted. Reports from yesterday's trial dates show that most of the 1,100 arrested did nothing very wrong.

Eight hundred were jailed, but never charged. And, notes The Toronto Star, of 304 charged, "the government now acknowledges that nine were fingered mistakenly. Another 58 more had their charges withdrawn or stayed Monday during a mass court appearance" Among them were a uniformed TTC ticket-taker on his way to work and a young woman with eyewash in her backpack, which apparently police called a “weapon of opportunity."

Dissent is targetted again. The Harper government and its friends are out to kill it, and determined to deny--hell no, to not even collect-the facts.

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