Wednesday, 18 August 2010

More Time Travel: Pictures from the Deep Past and a Month Ago

This arrived in the mail on Monday: a photo taken many years ago when my parents were living in West Seattle and we were visiting. My cousin Cathy Retterer found it among their things recently, and kindly sent it on.

Lukas says he had to "adjust the colour" to see that it was Lee and not himself sitting next to me: they really look a lot alike, even though in the picture Lee was three years younger than Lukas is now. And there's me with the same goofy smile that shows up in all my pictures going back to when I was five. The hair's considerably lighter and whiter now: nobody would ever guess I had flaming red hair once upon a time.

Just in case you'd like to compare, here's a photo taken about a month ago by another cousin, Mary Lynn Thompson, during her family's visit to Montreal. Elin, I see, has a smile not unlike mine, but thank heavens on her it's not goofy, but charming.

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