Thursday, 28 October 2010

Birds Love These Grapes, Even If People Won't Eat Them

Leaves everywhere are turning colour--and falling off. The wild grapes which grow all over our neighborhood are no exception. The vine in our backyard came out of the compost heap, and now spreads along the fence to the garage where it covers two sides of that rather ugly construction

The grapes aren't any good for eating--skimpy and full of seeds. But the birds love them and they have spread them to the neighbors as they fly and drop undisgested seeds in their poop.

This week as I was walking down the lane, I came across another garage covered in vines where the leaves had fallen, suddenly exposing a wall full of grapes. The birds were going nuts. A whole flutter of starlings and others were squabbling over who got to go next, rather like kids at a Halloween party, lining up for goodies.

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