Thursday, 7 October 2010

More "Don't Confuse Me with the Facts:" The Link between Prisons for Unreported Crime and Complaints That Never Were Made

More prisons for people who commit crimes that unreported: that's the latest folly from the Harper government. Earlier this week it announced 675 new cells in Kingston and Montreal as part of its crime "clean up" program.

But, according to The Globe and Mail: "The latest Statistics Canada data have the overall crime rate in 2009 down 3 per cent from the year before and 17 per cent from a decade ago. The Crime Severity Index, which measures the seriousness of reported crime, declined 4 per cent in 2009 and stood 22 per cent lower than in 1999."

Oh, that's because people aren't reporting crime as much, Public Safetey Minister Dick Toews said. And, it's true that other Stats Can figures show a decrease in reporting of minor crime over the last 10 years. Yet the figures for major crimes like murder are also declining, and they are unlikely to go unreported.

At the same time, the Harperites are standing firm on abolishing the long form census, and Maxim Bernier is caught out in his fabrication of "thousands of e-mails a day" protesting the census.

The bottom line here is the Stephen Harper and his government don't care about facts. They care about ideology and scaring people--and not just all people, but ones in certain swing ridings--into voting for them

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Not as crazy as I sound said...

There are a lot of people in the U.S. who believe the FEMA camp stories. The one claiming that they will be used to house dissenters and trouble makers when debt based society finally collapses.

Could this be the Canadian plan to build more cells before the final financial meltdown or peak oil cause civil disturbances.