Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday Photo: Zen for the End of Fall, Pumpkins for Halloween

The two squash with the morning glories I found a couple of weeks ago before the leaves started changing colours. The simplicity appeals to me, particularly as we're headed for the most Zen time of year, winter, when the landscape is stripped to its bare essentials. There is snow in the forecast for Montreal tonight--not much, just two centimeters--but the bones of most trees are showing and fallen leaves are drifting into great piles awaiting removal or burial when the real snow arrives.

But tomorrow also is Halloween, that crazily pagan ritual captured by children and commercial interest, one last spasm of activity before things close down in this climate. Don't eat too many sweets: that would damage your spiritual balance.


lagatta à montréal said...

I'm spending the evening quietly with my venerable black cat, Renzo. Exactly what I wanted to do. I rather regretted not being able to go out with friends yesterday evening, but tonight is just for us. Renzo went missing two years ago - you may have noted that it was gloriously warm that day - and only returned on the 6th of December; a wraith. Oh, we nursed him back to health, and he seems fine, though of course he is not young any more.

Actually the Days of the Dead are the midpoint of autumn, but the sad bare period between now and the winter solstice are just more days of dead and Dehors Novembre.

Not interested in sweets - must refrain from eating too much cheese. Hope all are warm and safe.

Mary Soderstrom said...

Renzo certainly does seem to have more than one life, and it was wise to keep him from wandering last night. We never lost a cat on Halloween, but had a dog get out once when trick or treaters came to the door. We didn't notice for an hour a two, and when we finally find her she had found her own treat--something dead under a porch--and rolled in it. Spent the end of the evening giving her a bath which was not what had been planned.

And as for cheese, Emmanuel says he is a casomane, too! Probably better for your teeth, at least