Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Right, Center, Left-Progressive: Whither City Government in Canada?

For those of us whose heads are whirling with the contradictory messages sent by electors in Toronto and Calgary, here's an interesting analysis by Ish Theilheimer on Public Values.

He adds that Ottawa turfed out a Rob Ford-like mayor after one term, because he was such a disaster. Does that mean hope for those of us who care about making cities work?

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lagatta à montréal said...

I was glad to read Theilheimer's comment. I am just fuming this morning after glancing at an op-ed in Cyberpresse about the "victory of common sense" in Toronto - written by another rightwing pseudo-populist loudmouth.

I'm especially angered at the insinuation that urban ecology and sustainable development are an elitist concern not shared by "le peuple". There have been many urban ecology and sustainable development struggles waged by "ordinary" or very poor people in countries from prosperous northern Europe to South America and South and Southeast Asia... Grrr.