Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Breathe in Today! Lilacs Are in Bloom

There are no apps for smells, I believe, but it would be nice to share with you just how lovely the air is here today. Even in this city-centre neighborhood--one of the most densely inhabited in Canada--there are lilacs in many courtyards and handkerchief-sized front yards.

This morning I woke up with a feeling of great well-being, whose origin I couldn't pin down at first. Then I realized that the scent of lilacs was blowing in the window. Not too strong--the flowers can be overpowering--but just enough to say that winter is over and we're in for some warm weather.

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Jack Ruttan said...

I'm SO allergic to all this pretty stuff. Usually stops on June 10 or so, but at the moment it's hard to even think straight, and that's with the pills. Still, the green and the flowers are nice, and I've been taking lots of snaps of them, posting on Flickr ("Mr. Boggedy") excuse me!