Saturday, 21 May 2011

Saturday Photo: Accidental Beauty of Dandelions and Green Snow

Earlier this week the crabapples and other fruit trees were in gorgeous bloom, and i went out yesterday afternoon to take some pictures. They were still mostly lovely--although many were beginning to fade to make way for lilacs--and I took a few shots.

But what really impressed me was the accidental beauty I saw. Particularly, the glorious yellow of dandelions against the intense green of grass, well-watered by days of rain. I know, I know, they're supposed to be weeds, and I pull them out of my little patch of grass in the backyard. If they cost $15 a five inch pot, we'd buy them by the carload and plant them out like we do scylla and snowdrops, hoping to get them to naturalize in the lawn. This particular splendor was gone within half an hour, because a gardener on a tractor-mower was hard at work nearby.

As for the green snow, I imagine it also disappeared shortly as someone swept up the tiny flowers from the maple trees. But for a few hours yesterday, this front yard was covered in a kind of precipitation that had little to do with specific storms, and much to do with the stately procession of the seasons.

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