Monday, 2 May 2011

Election Day: Headed for the Orange Planet?

No, it isn't a picture taken of some heavenly body by telescope, but the colour seems quite right for today. The New Democratic Party, which I have championed since we came to Canada, seems poised to make a smashing breakthrough all across the country.

The polls suggest that Stephen Harper's Conservatives will not get their majority, and there's a good chance that the NDP will form the official opposition. How amazing that would be! Of course, the hard part would only begin then, and I'm sure there would be many fights to keep the party on the right (that is, left) track. But, as the young man said when he called to tell me where to report this afternoon for election work, "it's going to be historic!"

When you're sitting in a poll as a candidate's representative you're not supposed to where the party's colours. But nobody can stop you from bringing a couple of clementines, I think, which is what this picture is of.

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Martin Langeland said...

Beautiful! Happy returns of May Day Canada!