Saturday, 14 May 2011

No Post on Friday: Was Blogger out Bagging Some Rays?

Couldn't post yesterday because gremlins got into Blogger. Things seem to be back to normal now, and it was such a lovely day here, I had the whimsical thought that perhaps spring had tempted the service to take a break.

I don't feel so sanguine about Hotmail, howevever. Somebody hacked into my account, sent a lot of spam, and now the account is blocked. They say to enter a cellphone number and they will give you a code to access it again. But what if you haven't got a cellphone? I've tried all the things suggested so far, and none works. Aaargh! Technology!

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Martin Langeland said...

Even if you had a cell phone -- don't post it (publish it) casually. Nobody knows who they are on the internet. Good luck with the e-mail account and the lilacs.