Monday, 17 October 2011

Chimney Repairs, but No Chimney Sweeps

The three young men who came to rebuild our chimney look nothing like Dick Van Dyck and the chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins, but we were very glad to see them when they came this morning.

When the roof was redone this summer after the fire, we discoverd that the base of the chimney was rotten. So after much sturm und drang we got masons to come and do the repair work. Nice to think that the chimney won't fall over this winter.

But we won't have any need for chimney sweeps this year, I guess, as the young men cleaned out the chimney lining. The wind changed in the night too,, so perhaps we might see Mary Poppins coming by.

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Linda Wise said...

It’s a good thing you got chimney repair services before things made a turn for the worse. That rotten basement part sounds scary, I couldn't imagine what will happen if it was left unnoticed. I assume that your chimney area is ok by now, knowing that it’s been a year since you've shared to us this story.