Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday Photo: Rebuilding the Cemetery Gates

Who would have thought that climbing hydrangeas could do such damage? But given enough time and the cycle of freeze and thaw in this climate, and it probably should not be a surprise that the lovely vine--which covers the gates to the Mount Royal Cemetery--has done considerable damage.

About two years ago, routinue maintenance revealed fissures in the stone structure. Initially, the cemetery posted notices, saying that things would be repaired within months. But obviously the problems are much greater, and will cost about $750,000 to repair.

Here's what the gates looked like this week. After attempts to brace the stone in place, the gate is now strapped together and barricaded so that no one can pass underneath, even on foot.

One small photo shows the gate about four years ago on another lovely fall morning.

The other, from the placard now explaining what's going on, was taken more than 150 years ago, when the cemetery was just opened.

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