Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Overkill: Stephen Harper's Conservatives and the Long Gun Registry

I'd hoped it was dead, that ill-intentioned attempt to do away with Canada's long gun registry. But it has arisen, like a zombie that turns even uglier at each resurrection. Now not only will the federal registry be abolished, but the records will be destroyed Provinces, like Quebec where the idea for the registry was born after massacre of 12 young women in 1989, would have to start from scratch to make their own.

The Conservatives care not a bit that the RCMP and other police forces have used the registry incessantly since its inception. The Toronto Star quotes Dr. Alan Drummond of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians and an assistant coroner in Perth, " the Conservatives are “conveniently ignoring the clear scientific evidence that rural suicides with long guns are the principal issue in the tragic toll of Canadian firearms deaths. So we will now all be unwilling participants in a social experiment that will undoubtedly place Canadian lives at risk.”

Shame, shame, as Hansard would have it.

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