Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Everything That Goes around Comes around, So Maybe We'll Get a Speed Bump on Our Street

More than 30 years ago when our kids were little, a couple of other mothers on the street passed a petition to get a speed bump or two in order to slow down traffic.  The city wasn't interested, and nothing was done, although on other streets traffic calming has become de rigueur. (The picture shows fancy cutouts installed ten years ago on another busy street.)

But a neighborhood like ours renews itself, and the houses are turning over.  A whole set of other young mothers (and fathers) have become concerned about traffic, and have started another petition for speed bumps.  This time the local councillor has said that with enough signatures, we should get our way.  So I've just spent a half hour knocking on doors at our end of the street to collect signatures.  So far none of the nine households I've approached have said "no" which is heartening.

Better late than never, eh?

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