Thursday, 10 May 2012

Smoke in the Metro Means Fire under Agents Provcateurs, Me Thinks

This morning after Montreal's Metro was closed during rush hours because of smoke bombs planted in several stations, I spent far too much time looking for references to "agents provocateurs" in the current student protests agains tuition hikes. 

Far too frequently, outside agitators linked to the forces of law and order or the powers that be have been instrumental in firing up demonstrations that turn nasty.  A completely confirmed case dates from 2007 when police forces admitted having undercover agents in the crowd at Montebello during a summit of North American leaders. But what I found for "agent provacateur Montreal"
today was just a bunch of soft-porn underwear ads for a London-based lingerie boutique which has a shop in the classy Holt Renfrew department store.
Don't think that's the same thing, although given the protest last week where everyone showed up in their undies maybe the shop has been influential on the political front too.

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