Saturday, 19 May 2012

Satuday Photo: Zen and the Art of Spring Gardening

Actually I think the stone statute isn't Japanese but is a kind of inukshuk, those Inuit signs of greeting. But the minalist balance of this spring garden is quite lovely, whatever the inspiration. The violets have taken over our front yard, and while the flowes are lovely, once the blooms are gone I intend to do a major clear-out in order to have room for other plants. As I fussed a bit in front this morning, one of my Hassidic neighbors asked about weeds in the garden: she says she's got a terrible problem with her mostly-grass front garden. I had to think a minute abaout how to phrase what I have. No, I don't really have weeds, except for a few maple seedlings which have to be pulled up each spring. But invasive plants can be rather agressive and must be treated with some force at times!

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