Monday, 31 December 2012

An Anniversary Unremarked, and Happy New Year

Our house was built in 1912--first permits issued in late 1911, and occupation, it would appear, in the fall of the following year.  I'd meant to make a little bumph about the house's 100th anniversary.

The year 1912 was big one for residential construction in Montreal--lots of attached houses, triplexes and duplexes were built in what is now the center of the city.  It also must have been a good year for building elsewhere in the world: when Elin was studyiing in The Hague the attached  triplex she lived in was built that year also, and was designed along lines that would be familiar to any Montrealer. 

But I forgot to note our houses's birthday in the flurry of ordinary life.  It has gone through some changes since this picture was taken--after the fire next door in November 2010 about half the interior walls had to be pulled down to get ride of smoke damage.  From the outside, though, you'd never know the difference, and the basic plan remains the same and very well suited for urban family living with a small garden in front and back.

So, happy belated birthday, house.  I love you, and I love the many eventful years we've lived in you.  May you shelter us  for many years to come, and afterwards, may you welcome others who will be as rich in the things that matter as we have been. 

And for everybody else, Happy New Year.  May your body and soul find rest and fulfillment in a chez soi that suits you as well as ours suits us.

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