Thursday, 23 May 2013

Excitement about Riding Your Bike: The View from New York

I've mentioned before how I don't ride bikes, but I must admit I like the idea of people riding all over the city. Yesterday I walked from our place to central downtown Montreal, and I was amazed at how many people--many who aren't much young than I am--were zipping around the city's traffic clogged streets.

Bixis have something to do with the popularity of bikes here, although I expect the traffic problems have helped a bit too.  And it seems that the Montreal version of the bike-share program is starting in New York City shortly.  The New York Times today has a nice short video about how excited one man is about the idea.  Check it out: quite charming.

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lagatta à montréal said...

I was at the Montreal Bicycle Summit last weekend; we are working on giving a new impetus to the movement for cyclable - and walkable - cities and neighbourhoods.

Mary, Pierre Foglia is a couple of years older than you, to say nothing of Robert ("Bicycle Bob") Silverman, who is pushing 80. I'm a bit younger, but no spring chicken.

I understand why you don't cycle, but gentle, moderate-speed cycling can be a balm and boon to people with arthritis for whom the long walks you do would be very painful, and who absolutely need to exercise and stay in shape.

Funny how sedentary some (not all) younger people are. I casually said I was back from Marché central, not a terribly long pedal from chez moi in Petite-Italie, and younger shop attendant thought that was quite the exploit (It isn't at all).