Thursday, 30 May 2013

Three Good Bearded White Men: Reflections on Feisty Resemblances

Crusading Canadian writer and translator Wayne Grady has a story about trying to talk Dr. Henry Morgentaler into giving him an extended interview for a magazine article.

The good doctor, who died this week at 90, had a lot on his plate at the moment, including running his abortion clinic, trying to make the procedure legal, and toughing out death threats from elements of the  Religious Right.   Morgentaler allowed Grady a short time to make his pitch, but, says Grady, obviously didn't see the point in giving more than that.

Then, however, someone noticed the striking resemblance between the two men: that's the doctor at top left, and Grady right below to give you some idea.  About the same time another threatening message come through.  Grady says Morgentaler  looked at him carefully, considered, and then, without saying why, agreed to make himself available.  The article was published in Saturday Night in July 1984, but I haven't been able to track it down. 

There's another bearded guy who belongs to the exclusive club of Grady twins:  Salmon Rushdie, who had his own problems with fanatics.  Don't know if the three men ever met, but seeing their photos makes me wonder if there is something about balding, bearded men with glasses that conspires to bring out the fight in them.

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lagatta à montréal said...

I wouldn't call Rushdie a "white man"; he is a nice shade of brown. Unless you mean that his beard is turning white - what remains of his head-hair is still dark in that photo.

You forgot the late, lefty, Métèque singer-songrwiter-activist Georges Moustaki.