Sunday, 19 May 2013

Saturday Photo: More from the Jardin botanique

Marie Victorin was a Roman Catholic teaching brother and naturalist who championed access to nature for all.  He was the driving force behind the establishment of Montreal's lovely Jardin botanique nearly 80 years ago.

Since then the garden has delighted people from all levels of society.  For decades access was free, but in recent years , under ordinary circumstances, non-residents of Montreal  pay a fee, with residents with the $8 Accès Montréaal card getting in free to the exterior gardens.

This summer that will change.  The city has declared that because of a special exhibit, everyone over 12 will have to pay, with Accès Montréal cardholders coughing up a hefty $18.75. Others will pay any more.

The decision appears to have been made so quietly that no one heard about it until a couple of weeks ago.  The reaction has been quick, though.  A petition calling for a reconsideration of the new fees had 3603 signatures as for 2:23 p.m. Sunday, and some city councillors are saying things ought to change. 

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