Monday, 27 May 2013

Oh Come on, Not That Equality Party Business Again!

It seems that a few unhappy Anglophones are trying to whip things up again by starting a new Equality party, version 2.0.  A rally was held on the weekend in the largely Anglophone area of Montreal's West Island to launch it.  Somewhere between 40 and 50 people showed up, with some of voices from past action being heard.

Ho hum.  This effort is just as silly as was the PQ's trial balloon about restricting enrollment in English-language cegeps to Anglophones.  The latter won't happen precisely because too many Francophone kids go to them: for the Francophone middle class it's an excellent way to make sure their kids have  a good grounding in English before going to university or work opportunities outside Quebec.

The former is jsut tiresome.  It is not difficult to be an Anglophone in Quebec.  I repeat, it is not difficult to be an Anglophone in Quebec.  If anything, it is a delight and a privilege to have two great traditions to share.

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