Thursday, 4 July 2013

Bah humbug! Fireworks Make Too Much Noise...

The Fourth of July holiday has got me thinking about the way we celebrate.  I remember the joy surrounding fire works displays in my childhood.  There was only one, on the night of the Fourth, and we looked forward to it with great anticipation.

Now fireworks are set off for practically everything.  This video
 from The New York Times says that almost all the fireworks in the US come from China, and adds that athere will be at least 14,000 shows tonight.

We won't have any here, of course, but there have been four shows since the first of June--la Fête nationale, Canada Day, plus the start of the Francofolies festival and the Montreal Jazz  Fest.  And now comes the Montreal Fireworks Festival, itself. We hear all of them even though we live miles and kilometers from where they go off. 

Frankly, it's over kill.  The proliferation is just another bit of noise pollution in this increasingly noisy world.

What say we just all light a candle?

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Anonymous said...

My neighbor's dog ran away because of the noise. Despite signs and calls to the Humane Society, no luck finding him.