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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

CARPING Department: When Is It Not Rude or Harassment?

Something happened this morning that I'm feeling a little ambivalent about.  Went for my usual walk, wearing running shoes, old Bermudas, yesterday's dirty tee shirts, and the baseball cap from my brother-in-law's no defunct construction company. 

And what should happen?

As I walked by a trio of gardeners putting in new pavement at one of the tony houses in Upper Outremont, one of them said quietly: "Mais, que madame est belle."  And then as I got closer, he said it directly to me, "comme vous êtes belle, Madame."

There was a time when I might have been offended, when I might have scowled, thought some nasty thought about men who have no manners, who are rude and sexist.

But, damn, that time was a long time ago!  A grandmother like me who's well past the usual retirement age  can't help but feel more  complimented than offended!

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