Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sataurday Photo: Chicory and Queen Anne's Lace

This morning was a good one for a walk on the wild side--that is in the Champs des possibles, the old city yard which has now become a delightful going-back-to-basics city space.  
A couple of years ago it was mowed, but since then it has been let go, aside from some hand-pulling of ragweed. 

 On our walk today, it was clear that another attack on the nasty, allergy-causing weed  is in order, but aside from that, the other "weeds" were lovely.

Chicory is a non-native plant, and considered by some to be invasive.  I like it though, because its cheerful blue flowers look great with just about ever
Queen Anne's lace also is an import, but I like it too.  
Maybe it helps that I'm also an import! 

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