Thursday, 28 August 2008

Snap! The Sound of Radio Two Being Turned Off All over the Country

Snap! That will be the sound of radios turning off all over Canada on Tuesday when Radio Two hits new lows with its new programming. The Globe and Mail had an interview yesterday with the dude who will be host in the going home slot on Tuesday. It sounds like nothing I want--or ever wanted even when I was much younger--to hear at that time of day.

Today we'll all get a chance to hear Jorgen Gothe's last show. I'll listen with considerable sadness. It's hard to think that when he started he took the service in a new direction with a wacky mix of the best of classical music, jazz and eclectic Canadian stuff. He did it with a certain buffoonery, to be sure, but he never underestimated the intelligence of his listeners. The new guy told the Globe that his play list will reflect what is likely to be on the CD racks of the 30- and 40-somethings. In other words, the show will offer this group their same-old same-old without giving them or other sorts of listeners music that expands horizons.

What a bloody shame!

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Muzition said...

This is my (least?) favourite line from the Globe article:

Producer Michelle Parise added: "We never want it to seem like we know so much about this great music and here it is. To be know-y is not our goal..."

But the CBC used to be so educational! Now it's purposely not being educational?
Apparently these new CBC people don't even know what the word "educational" means, preferring the word "know-y." It'd almost be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Also, this line: "Terfry seems to have already adopted a style recognizable in the new breed of CBC hosts. A slight breathiness. Subtle jokes with a clipped laugh." These are things I can't stand either.