Monday, 4 August 2008

The Walkable City: Corrections to Do As the Pub Date Approaches

Got the editorial corrections for The Walkable City: From Haussmann’s Boulevards to Jane Jacobs’ Streets and Beyond on the weekend. Rather nice to see that the editor hasn’t proposed any major changes—at least so far. I’m into the fourth chapter, however, and even though Simon Dardick, the publisher, has said both he and the editor like the book a lot, it’s possible that I may find some contentious suggestions ahead. You never know…

We’re shooting for a mid-September publication date which means that things have got to proceed quickly. So today is going to be devoted to working on the manuscript. Don’t even think I’ll have time to pick the pears which should be ripe momentarily. The squirrels are munching them off the trees but the five I picked yesterday still were not quite at the point they should be picked.

But it’s time to get to work on something intellectual!

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