Thursday, 3 September 2009

Noise in the City: The Good Sounds

This is a good time of year for city sounds. It’s not so hot that air conditioners roar constantly in the background, but it’s warm enough for the windows to be open. A cicada buzzed just a minute ago and last night I fell asleep to the sound of the water tumbling down in the neighbor’s tiny fountain across the street.

Oh, there are work sounds going on. Someone is having a tree trimmed, so a chain saw grumbles now and then, and one of the triplexes behind us is having its roof repaired. But there is a quiet calm in the air, as if people are so surprised by this gift of lovely late summer/early fall that they’re holding it close to them, whispering to it, in order to savour it.

Like the rudbeckia—now in brilliant yellow bloom—and the blue sky, the colours are radiant too. What a shame to have to be inside today!

Photo: The Tri Du family's lovely water feature in their elegant small front yard

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The Garden Ms. S said...

These pretty little spaces add so much to an entire neighbourhood.

They "punch" above their weight in adding beauty :)