Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Average is Officially Over, Says Friedman, But How Can We Get People to Think

Thomas Friedman in today's New York Times points out that the unemployment rates in the US correlated inversely with education:

Americans with "less than a high school degree, 13.8 percent; those with a high school degree and no college, 8.7 percent; those with some college or associate degree, 7.7 percent; and those with bachelor’s degree or higher, 4.1 percent."

He goes on: "In a world where average is officially over, there are many things we need to do to buttress employment, but nothing would be more important than passing some kind of G.I. Bill for the 21st century that ensures that every American has access to post-high school education."

Sounds reasonable, but how to get well-educated people (who are more likely to vote than poorly education ones) to realize that they're being hoodwinked by the right wing and that social programs are important to everyone?

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