Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday Photo: Finally, Skating....

Or there was until about an hour ago. Many years the outdoor skating rinks around here begin iln the first of second week in December. This year, not much happened until last week because of the crazy weather.

Last night when I walked home, the boys of winter were playing a pickup game of hockey, and little kids were sledding in Parc Beaubien. Nice to see everyone enjoying the wonders of winter.

But today it's warmer and I don't know how long things are going to last. Another case of carpe diem.


patricia said...

There is a skating rink in front of the Hotel de Ville in Paris. It's small and usually crowded in the afternoon. Last Saturday, the ice was pretty watery. But I spent a good 10-15 minutes looking at the skaters and smiling. There was a kids class ending with a chasing game and a song I didn't know, but that seemed a classic for everybody.

This improbable rink really is a nice oasis in the city's craziness.

Mary Soderstrom said...

I spoke too soon about the ice melting. Sunday noon, with temperature about -8 C, Jeanne and I spent an enjoyable hour watching the skaters and walking on the ice at Parc St. Viateur. She's up to running in a snow suit but I think skating will have to wait until next year.

Glad to hear that there's a little bit of winter in Paris, Patricia!