Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday Photo: Sledding in a Winter When the Snow Doesn't Cooperate

The picture was actually taken toward the end of last winter, when a sunny Saturday attracted many to the slopes of Mount Royal, just up from Park Avenue.

This year there has been considerably less snow, and yesterday a mixture of snow, then rain, then snow again has left a mish mash that isn't really all that inviting. But at least it's snow and this morning there were several families out, dragging little kids on sleds, either to the parks or to do errands.

This afternoon we'll be giving Jeanne her first sledding experience. Friends has given her a small sled, and she's all excited about it. Not sure if it's because of the idea of being pulled on one--and I don't think she's seen much of that--or because of the little girl whose sled it was. Jeanne loves Nana, and she's made some connection between the sled, Nana, cold and having fun. It's delightful to watch her make associations. Now we'll just have to see what she thinks about the sled outside.

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