Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Buying Winter Boots Today: The Drama of Someone Who Hates to Shop

Have I mentioned recently how I hate to shop? Probably not, because I avoid thinking about it as much as I can. (Food, garden and book shopping, being the exceptions.)

But shopping is sometimes unavoidable, and it seems I've come to one of those moments. The perfectly good, if a little scuffed, winter boots I've worn for perhaps three years are now ripped beyond repair on the toe seams. If I don't want to spend from now until sandal time with wet feet, I've got to do something about.

Hence this rather scattered post: must go make the rounds of the various shops to see what still is available this late in the season.

This lovely shoe certainly won't do, hélas.


lagatta à montréal said...


One of the zippers on my waterproof fabric ankle books has decided to die on me, and just try finding winter boots in February! I tried several places, and since I live near rue St-Hubert there is a good selection, and at least a couple of places that specialize in practical "walkable" shoes and boots (Eureka!, which also does very large and small, narrow and wide fit, and a Naturalizer shop that also has lots of Rohdes, Riekers and other practical German brands). Little left between the size extremes, but worth a try.

In your neighbourhood, there are a couple of Chassidic-owned shops that also stock dour, practical footwear - unlike in some businesses run by members of that community I didn't feel at all out of place or unwelcome at the shop in avenue du Parc near St-Viateur (just across the street from the Mile-End Library). Oh, I was very modestly dressed, but I have visible hair...

Then there is always Globo (downtown and Marché Central) though I hate shopping in that kind of place.

I do have nice leather boots, once again very comfy German ones, but I hate ruining those in the slush and ice we have right now, and they do have a bit of a heel, so I feel unafe using them to trudge... especially with cleats.

I'll see if my zipper is worth reparing. Good luck!

Mary Soderstrom said...

I was looking for a good walking boot, and found a good selection at La Cordée on Ste. Catherine near the Papineau Metro. Nice discounts too.