Tuesday, 17 January 2012

You've Come a Long Way Baby Dept.: Who's Catering to Men?

What is appropriate dress is as much a matter of fashion and wanting to please as it is of following strictures laid down by authority.

Interesting question for my female friends: what would you wear if you didn't give a thought to what others thought?


Anonymous said...

My niece visited the beaches of Brazil. She's young, shapely, and yet still could not bring herself to wear what everyone else at the beach was wearing --- a thong bikini.

It's just a few degrees difference really, from not being used to going out with your arms and legs exposed, and then, a few more degrees to showing your face if you aren't used to it.

Wear what you wish, ladies. All ladies. If no one cared what I looked like, I would probably have a bunch of difference Halloween costumes to wear -- Medusa, a clown, a half man/half woman outfit, a chicken suit. Fun stuff.

lagatta à montréal said...

Well, I wouldn't wear either of those outfits on a city street, though when it dipped below minus 20 recently, I was certainly dressed more like the lady in Niqab/Chador, with even my face covered with a warm scarf! (I can't breathe well in severe cold).

Yes, there is the "male gaze", or often far worse, the "female enforcers of supposed male gaze", but I don't think it is sinister or self-oppressive to care how other people - men and women alike - think about us. I would hate to live in certain parts of anglo North America where a majority of people seem to be dressed as slobs, even those who can afford nicer clothing. It is a pleasure to see people of any age or gender who take pride in their appearance.

What does concern me is a certain hypersexualisation of dress among girls and very young women, though perhaps I'm just an old fartess.

Mary Soderstrom said...

Old fartess? Love it! Guess I qualify too!