Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lawn Not Doing Well: Could Be Hairy Cinch Bugs, and Another Reason to Plant Something Else

Got yellow spots on your grass?

 Could be your neighbors dogs, could be the drought, but they also could be due to bugs living in your lawn, Le Devoir reports this morning. 

Hairy cinch bugs  have been around these parts of 40 years or so, but apparently this is a particularly good year for them.  The winter wasn't too cold, so many eggs survived, and the combination of hot temperatures and sunny weather has encourage their proliferation.

All the more reason to plants something else in that space in front of where you live.  Green grass is pleasing to the eye: evolutionary psychologists suggest that we have a hard-wired delight in it, because it suggests the kind of savannah-in-rainy season landscapes that meant good hunting and lots of water for our ancestors millennia ago in East Africa where all humans come from.

But grass isn't meant to be green all the time, and keeping it that way uses a lot of water and, frequently, chemicals.  If it's a good year for pests, it's all the more difficult.

The photo is of a neighbor's yard, which shows just how lovely low-maintenance plantings can be.  No brown spots in it!

BTW, the couple in Drummondville who got their fingers slapped for planting their front yeard in vegetables, have gotten much press, and, it seems, a reprieve from city officials.

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