Friday, 27 July 2012

Mick Jagger and Jean Drapeau on the Montreal Olympics: Scratch Your Beard and Get Stoned, Or How a Man Can Get Pregnant

Today the Oympics begin in London, with much hype. It remains to be seen what kind of legacy this orgy will leave in the troubled UK (look how Greece's Olympic experience set the scene for its current financial situation) but it is clear that Montreal's 1976 experience was a lasting disaster.

We didn't finish paying off the Olympic Stadium until the turn of the new century, even though the mayor at the time Jean Drapeau proclaimed that the Olympics here could not more lose money than a man could get pregnant.

 That's the inspiration for Aislin's cartoon, of course. Dr. Henry Morgenthaler was the Montreal doctor who persisted in doing abortions until abortion was de-criminalilzed in 1988.

 So what remains? Besides the white elephant of a stadium, this interesting interview with Mick Jagger, talking about effort and fame. His eyes look half-stoned, but obviously the man was sharp even ulnder the influence of whatever..

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