Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why Not Vegetables in Front Yard Gardens?

A couple in Drummondville, a town about 100 km from Montreal, have run into problems with a city bylaw that limits vegetable growing in front yards. Drummondville would like to do away with such gardens altogether--and will forbid new ones in the future--and have given the couple five days to reduce theis to 30 per cent of the space in front of the house.

What nonsense! As soneone who has watched with delight as my neighbors have torn up lawns to make more interesting front yard gardens, this seems to me to be a step in the wrong direction. And, as someone who walks regularly in neighborhoos where people--frequently immigrants--grow vegetables and flowers on every available centimeter of dirt, I can only say: grass is boring, and not environmentally sound.

The photo, courtesy of the CBC, shows just how attractive this garden is.  A  good example of a trend to encourage, it seems to me.

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