Thursday, 5 July 2012

Words of Wisdom? I Think Not

Somebody posted a variation of this on Facebook recently, and I'm back to musing about just how destructive this bit of "wisdom" is. 

I have always thought Yoda is saying here that unless you are sure to succeed, don't bother to try.  That, I am absolutely sure, is very bad advice.  Failing is not a bad thing, if you learn something from it.  The trick is not to give up.

Our Lukas says the quote means that you must put everything you have into your efforts so you won't be doing a simple, wishy-washy "try."  I've got no problem with all-out effort (most of the time, there is a great deal to be said about choosing your battles) but I would hate to think that George Lucas was counselling the safe way--only undertaking battles that you know you'll win.

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Anonymous said...

"Trying" in context to this, and most every other teacher/pupil(young padawan) relationship, implies an ambiguity and choice, which is absurd, if anything at all is to be learned, especially those things which cannot be taught, ie learning about yourself. That only you can "do".