Saturday, 7 July 2012

Saturday Photo: The Loveliest Flowers in the World

Just got back from delivering Jeanne and Elin home after a shower for Sophie and baby Thomas (not to mention Lukas.) 

It was delightful to see how Sophie's friends wanted to help out with a party and material aids.  Also nice to realize that a good portion of the gifts were recyled or re-purposed. Foir example, one was a booster chair that had been passed on to a young woman without kids, who thought Sophie might like it.  Since Thomas is not due before early September, several months will elapse before he's ready to use anything like it, but one of Sophie's friends has a 20 month old girl who can use it right now.  So an exchange was made on the spot, and the Parent Underground continues.

Needless to say, Jeanne had great fun with all the attebtion.  Among the guests were two very small babies (two weeks and three months) whose mothers allowed Jeanne to kiss.  Grandmaman Andrée and Grandpapa Marc (Sophie's parents) were also patiently indulgent with their future grandson's cousin.

Then I took them home to be greeted by the gernaiums that Elin and Emmanuel's landlords display so warmly on the front steps.  They are Italian, and I grew up in California, and the love of these brilliant flowers from South Africa unites us.

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