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Monday, 17 September 2012

A Song for All Those Demonstrating against Austerity (and Maybe Those Annoyed by Anti-Islamic Films)

 Stomae is a young Belgian/Rwandan singer whose hypnotic song has been running through my head for days.  It seems perfect for the current economic situation.  And perhaps all those (perhaps orchestrated, but who knows?) protests against that stupid anti-Islamic film are motivated by the same frustration about the troubles of life.

English translation of the French words:

So lets dance
So lets dance
So lets dance

He who talks about studying, talks about working
He who talks about working, talks about money
He who talks about money, talks about spending
He who talks about spending, talks about debt
He who talks about debt, talks about the bailiff
And also about being in shit
He who talks about love, talks about children
Says until death death do us part and says divorce
He who talks about his peers, talks about mourning because problems never come alone
He who talks about a crisis, talks about a lot of people, talks about the 3th world hunger
He who talks about being tired, talks about awakening, tired from yesterday
So we party, to forget the problems

So lets dance
So lets dance
So lets dance

And you say this is the last time, because only death is worse
When you think everyone is ok and fine, nothing has happened
Ectasy spells problems or it sounds like the music
It gives you a trip and you put your head in your hands praying for it to end
But it's your body, not the heavens and you stop listening.
Then you scream harder and it won't stop

So lets sing
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
So lets sing
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,

So lets sing
And only when it ends, we dance
So lets dance
But wait, there's more

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Anonymous said...

C'est bon - merci.