Friday, 28 September 2012

Worried about Canada's Natural Heritage? You Better Be, Or Another Reason to Back Tom Mulcair

Coming up: selling off Crown lands and Canada's National Parks?  Could be if the Harperites follow what Mitt Romney and friends plan on doing in the States, should they get elected. 

Down there Romney says he sees no reason to hold on to federal lands.  In a most interesting analysis in The New York Times, "The Geography of Nope" Timothy Egan points out that "no major-party presidential nominee has ever taken a stance as radical as Romney’s. At a wide-ranging public lands conference at the University of Colorado in Boulder earlier this month, veteran public lands users — ranchers, hikers, managers — from all facets of the political spectrum expressed astonishment that Romney had sided with his party’s most extreme fringe."

That's really too bad, but for Canadians perhaps the worst of it is the example that it would give the Stephen Harper's Conservatives.  Already  Parks Canada has been gutted, and selling off unused land could well be next. 

It is instructive, BTW, to remember that the reason why Tom Mulcair left the Quebec Liberal Party nearly a decade ago was because he couldn't countenance a plan to sell of a part of a Quebec provincial park to developers.  For the background, check out the fascinating look at Mulcair in the Sept. 19 Maclean's "Stephen Harper Has Met His Match."

I, for one, sure hope so.

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