Monday, 3 September 2012

Outremont up for Graps Again? Québec Solidaire Could Pull An Upset

Liberals, 33 per cent; Québec Solidaire, 27 per cent and PQ, 23 per cent!

Been making phone calls for Édith Laperle, the Québec Solidaire candidate in my riding of Outremont.  The response has been very interesting: lots of people are impressed by her and the party, but are undecided how to vote because they want to get rid of the Liberals, who've held the seat forever.

Sound familiar?  It does to me, and I've been canvassing around here for an awful long time.  In 2007,  Thomas Mulcair, now NDP leader and leader of the Official Opposition in Ottawa,  took Outremont.  That federal race was the NDP's beachhead in Quebec.  Provincially, the Outremont riding is not quite the same as it is provincially, but both contains the immigrant and hip neighborhoods of Côte des Neiges and Mile-End  as well as the Outremont borough.

The same sort of voter who have now elected Mulcair three times  is looking for a party which reflects his or her values provincially that the NDP does federally.  Perhaps these people have begun to see QS as what they've been hoping for.

QS's canvassing shows Laperle doing very well, but you can never go by that.  What is really wonderful is an extrapolation from polls by the independent website released yesterday, showing the split above.  All those undecideds who were thinking of voting PQ ought to vote QS, and then we'd something very interesting.  Can you imagine a PQ minority government with five or six QS MNAs holding the balance of power?

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