Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lots of talk to today about 9/11, but it's high time that we turned our attention to far more important threats--to the economy because of misplaced austerity and to our very way of life through climate change.

The New York Times has a story today about the way New York, a port city from its beginnings,  is going to have to fact rising seas due to melting ice caps. All other sea coast regions are going to have to do the same.  For the great valley of the St. Lawrence, that may mean finding other sources for drinking water: the river has always been somewhat brackish at  Quebec City but that will extend further upstream.

Because Montreal gets its drinking water from the river, an old joke around here is to call  tap water being "St. Laurent frappé" or a soft drink from the river.  Might become "St. Laurent salé" soon.

Photo: ducks may find their habitat affected greatly as wetlands flood.

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