Monday, 12 October 2009

Better Late than Never: Happy Thanksgiving!

The dishes are done, and I feel quite thankful for all sorts of reasons. Our American roots show in strange ways, and one of them is a delight in the idea of Thanksgiving. Not that we believe there is a being or whatever to whom we should give thanks, but it is a very humbling idea to take stock of the many things one has to recognize how privileged one is.

That--and the way that so few people in Quebec do anything for this holiday--led us a few years ago to begin inviting friends for a buffet on the Sunday of this weekend: people who are tied up from the middle of December until early January are frequently free this time of year. Yesterday we were somewhat more than 30 (I lose count after a while) ranging in age from about 28 months to 80 years. We ate a turkey and three chickens as well as an astounding array of side dishes. Lots of wine (or apple juice, depending on one's age) and much good conversation and fellowship. Emmanuel carved the turkey with much panache--or rather he started by carving one of the chickens, an indicator, he said, of the tough economic times. But there's still food left, even though I sent home quantities with the kids and assorted friends who stayed around to help clean up.

So best wishes on this holiday that comes just when the temperatures drop and the harvest is in. May you experience a bumper crop!

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