Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Advertising and Classical Music: If CBC/Radio-Canada Doesn't Deliver, Private Stations Make Money

We've been listening to the commerical classical music station a lot over the last few months. Partly, it's fatigue--there is so much to do just keeping afloat plus taking care of the house that neither of us has the energy to pick CDs to listen to in the evening. And neither Radio Canada's Espace Musique nor CBC's Radio Two play anything interesting most of the time, sad to say.

As I've posted several times before, this change in programming on the part of Canada's public broadcaster has improved ratings of private classical music stations across the country. (I haven't done the comparisons lately, but once things get back to normal I will.) That success is now showing up in the kinds of advertising the Montreal station is running--lots of concerts and festivals, but also restaurants, Sears, and now Walmart. This last I couldn't believe when I first heard the ad: specials for summer weekends mixed in with a little Mozart.

What does this represent? Several things, I think. First, there is a market for music that is not "popular." Second, that the market covers all parts of society. And third, that CBC/Radio Canada has made some incredibly stupid program choices.

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