Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Plumbers Came and (Almost) Fixed Things

Well, actually the plumbers yesterday came to put the radiators back in place. They'd been removed so the new hardwood floors could be installed. It only took two guys to take the rads out, but it took three to wrestle them back into place without damaging the floors.

Of course, when the guys went down to the basement to put the system back in business, they ran into problems with the ancient plumbing down there. Had to replace the union joint, which then leaked. So there was another visit yesterday to fix that, but then when the system filled up with water and there was pressure on the rads, one of the newly installed ones started to leak, involving a third visit.

But the problem was still not resolved, and now Lee has gone over to the house to wait for them to come a fourth time. Life can be complicated, post-fire.

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