Friday, 8 July 2011

Saturday Photo: The Eure at Chartres

As the pace quickens in our struggle to get back inot our house, I find myself slipping off mentally into quieter times. This photo is from our trip to France a couple of yeas ago when we wandered around Chartres. A good deal of the time was spent at the cathedral, of course.

But we also enjoyed seeing the other elements in the landscape of this little town where the River Eure provided a means of transport as well as energy long before the glorious cathedral was built. It runs tamely in a canal now, but looking at it gives an idea of how people got around in the past.

Compared to the rivers of North America, the Eure doesn't look like much. Certainly compared to the St. Lawrence it is puny. But sometimes on hot, hurried days like to day, the quieter, calmer river-scape seems most inviting.

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