Saturday, 23 July 2011

What Is That Mushroom Cloud Advancing on the City? Just an Amazing Thunderstorm?

This is a link from a friend from the storm we had Thursday night. The view from the terrace here was very similar, and I stood and watched the rising cloud for quite a while, as the lightning flashed. What it reminded me of was the photos of the A bomb tests of my childhood: the same ominous mushroom, the menace of power beyond our control.

I've seen displays like this before, but this one started me thinking about how good it is not to have the Cold War threat to colour our nightmares any more. But as the friend we sent me the link commented, violent weather is a symptom of the harm we're doing in other ways...

Can't give up, the fights are never over... Now to go to work on a morning when the temperature in the apartment is only 28 (75) and the high will bein the low 80s, not 90s.

Video: The Demon Storm from operatique on Vimeo.

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