Monday, 18 July 2011

The Nicest Weekend of the Year? Or Why Countries Have Holidays This Time of Year

This was taken as the moon rose on Thursday night, Bastille Day or the Fête nationale française. The moon was not quite full, but the evening was lovely after a hot day.

There followed a weekend where the skies were clear and the moon shone brightly. Too hot during the day, perhaps, but since we were working at the house where the air conditioning is back working, we didn't suffer as much as some people. The evenings, partiularly well after sunset, were very fine for people-watching from the balcon overlooking Mount Royal boulevard, and a breeze sprang up each night which cooled the apartment. It even rained last night, and the heat was broken, at least for several delightful hours.

It is no accident that Quebec (June 24,) Canada (July 1,) the USA (July 4,) and France ( the aforementioned July 14) all have their big national celebrations this time of year. In the Northern Hemisphere, if you're going to have fine weather it will be now, and when the full moon happens to come at the same time, you've got a very fine weekend, indeed.

Given the news of the world (including The News of the World) all of us need a little something--like a full moon--to brighten our collective way.

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